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BlinkerBoys Party Lights - Fun portable party lights, psychedelic lights and mood lighting.
LED Spotlight Bulb with Remote
New LED spotlight bulbs feature a 5-watt high-output RGB LED that produces 64-colors/shades plus white. Also features multiple speed flashing and fading modes. And all controlled from a slimline infrared remote! Create beautiful indirect lighting effects in your home theater!
Compact Fluorescent Colored Twist Bulbs
These high-quality compact fluorescent twist bulbs are available in red, blue, orange, green and blacklight! Energy efficient bulbs use only 13-watts but replace a 60-watt bulb! Great to set the mood at your next party!
Portable Handheld Party Lights
You'll love these cool portable party light toys. We have all your favorites, like mini techno lights, mini disco ball kits, mini plasma lamps, mini fiber-optics lamps - and they all run on batteries! Take your party with you!
Portable Triplights, Blacklights and Keychain Lights
More portable party lights, including Trip-It party lights, Chauvet portable blacklights, and LED keychain lights and blacklights! Fun and functional!